How to Raise an Adult

Over 40 parents from all walks of life at Mount Vernon (Preschool, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School) gathered together last week for a book club-like discussion of Julie Lythcott-Haims’ book How to Raise and Adult. As a parent and former dean of freshmen at Stanford University, Lythcott-Haims shares wise insights about avoiding the over-parenting trap. Some members had read the book in full, and some members were ordering the book in the room as they participated.

After a brief spark where parents were asked to stand up if they had ever experienced a number of “failures” on their own as they were growing up, the stage was set for parents to Share the Well in division-specific small groups. Discussions centered around a variety of topics such as saving children when they forgot work or items, freedom in technology use, and dealing with the plethora of grading data available to students and parents with the click of one notification.

The session closed with the synthesis of “you are not alone” in your parenting journey. Guidelines were provided regarding skills children should be able to do at many age levels as well as a mantra of how to move from doing things for your child to his or her independence.  Links are provided below that parents found quite helpful.

From Reliance to Independence Wallpaper

Sample Set of Life Skills at Each Stage

To revise your notifications for PowerSchool (for Middle School and Upper School parents, if you are receiving a daily update of every grade posted in PowerSchool), click on the Email Notifications tab on the left-hand side of your PowerSchool screen in the Navigation Bar. Then, you can unclick any checked items that send you updates. You will no longer receive daily notices and still be able to open up PowerSchool to access grades whenever you would like.



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