Connecting fractions, geometric reasoning, and spatial relationships

On Friday January 13, and Thursday January 19, parents and teachers of Preschool – Grade 6 and Grades 7-12, respectively, gathered together to learn from our illustrious math expert,  Garland Linkenhoger. We embarked on an hour-long journey to support, strengthen, and reinforce our children’s number sense and spatial reasoning (as well as our own).

Garland focused on connecting fractions, geometric reasoning, and spatial relationships by having learners create their own tangram set, differentiating the two sessions by forms of the rational numbers discussed and the specificity of the geometric vocabulary.

Tangrams are a model reputed to have been invented in China during the Song Dynasty and then carried over to Europe by trading ships in the early 19th century. It became very popular in Europe for a time, and then again during World War I. Tangrams are one of the most popular dissection puzzles in the world. A Chinese psychologist has termed the tangram “the earliest psychological test in the world,” albeit one made for entertainment rather than for analysis. Today, tangrams are used as mathematical models to explore rational numbers, geometric relationships, composite area, the classification of triangles and quadrilaterals, and transformations.

Here is a video recording of the Preschool – Grade 6 session.

In addition, here is an article on important facts to know about learning math.


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