Parents Are Multipliers!

Parents Are Multipliers!

In his Head of School Address, Dr. Jacobsen inspired parents, teachers, and students to be multipliers. What might this mean for parents at Mount Vernon?

As multipliers, parents are curious. We ask the big and challenging questions that will help us be stronger parents and learn more about who and why our children are the way they are. The more questions we ask and the more we learn, the more we can achieve breakthroughs in small bites that have exponential results. What avenues do we have to quench our curiosities?

Parent University

As multipliers, parents are connectors. We seek to understand our children’s curiosities and passions so that we can connect them to the appropriate mentors and place them in the right settings so that they can grow. Where can we find the resources to make these connections?

Parent University

As multipliers, parents build to last. We recognize that what we invest in our children today will impact their tomorrow. But where should we invest? How might we use our time, talents, and treasure in order to garner the best return for our children?

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and Parent University

Parent University equips parents with the tools to be a multiplier! Through sessions on teaching and learning to child development, join Mount Vernon’s own experts as well as those from the outside to propel your own learning, understand your child’s experience at school, and deepen your relationships within our community.  We invite you to visit the Parent University page on the website regularly to see what sessions are upcoming, connect to this blog to extend the sessions beyond the meeting, and access resources that may be helpful along the way in your parenting journey.


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